Shift from Colorado to Castine

Caroline McNally journeyed a very long way to coach Maine Maritime Academy sailing squad, but her move from Boulder, Colorado, to Castine was a trip home. It was just last month that McNally took the helm at MMA, but the surroundings were totally familiar. During the year 2009 and 2010, she was in-charge of physical education as well as sailing courses at the academy and also was an assistant to sailing coach Tom Brown, generally working with the varsity dinghy sailors.

This was not the very first time that she is getting a taste of MMA sailing. She told that when she was seventeen, she sailed in many races with academy’s off-shore team under their then coach Butch Minson. Caroline has kept that connection alive.

Caroline’s roots in Castine are very deep. She is a 7th gen summer resident and her uncle is an old town employee as well as Castine’s animal control officer. In the past, she has been the head instructor, sailing event director and coach at Castine Yacht Club.

The new coach of MMA has always been very serious regarding her sailing. She had a aerospace engineering degree from the Boston University. She had an intention to be a part of the sailing industry as a designer. When she was there at the university, she was the captain of the BU women’s dinghy sailing team. She said that this is her dream job.

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