Safety Boat For Sailing Club

The commodore of LYME Regis sailing club Jerry Rook took delivery of the new boat. It was a new safety boat bought with the help of a grant. The Highfield safety boat was supplied by Rupert Perry and was handed over on 6th August to Jerry Rook along with the club trainers and officers. Rook placed an application for the grant and on arrival expressed his joy. He said that the prime objective of buying the safety boat through a Sport England grant was for expansion of the sailing club.

Rook is fully determined to expand the club in order to organize training programs for the youth. The club has quite a few young and competent sailors who would be able to take part in the national level. The management of the sailing club is putting an extra effort to encourage young sailors to accomplish their dreams.

The sailing club has been running training schemes for youths for several years, with some courses even taking place abroad, for example on a Croatia Bareboat charter. In addition, training for children of 7 plus age in Optimist class dinghies has been started too. The training program is held on every Tuesday and Saturdays. The young sailors are motivated to take part in racing on Sundays and Wednesdays. Necessary steps are being taken to ensure that the children are well trained before they take part in sailing. Children should know how to swim before they apply for the training scheme. Also, they need to be comfortable with water.

There are efficient trainers to make children comfortable and learn the sailing race with confidence. This is indeed a great initiative taken by the commodore of LYME Regis Sailing Club and his entire team officials. By doing so, they are given a great opportunity for young talents to come forward and show their skills. The new safety boat will surely turn out to be beneficial for the club to fulfill their objectives.