Roundup Of The Tornado Worlds

The pair of sailors from Greek, Petros Konstantinidis and Dany Paschalidis in the 2017 Tornado World Championships, claimed home land victory.

The event took place in Thessaloniki in Greece.

17 years old Zdenek Pavlis and Michaela Pavlisova from Czech Republic, are the mixed champion of 2017 Tornado Worlds.

For Dany Paschalidis, this victory turned out as the seventh one in a row. Paschalidis accepted the challenge of sailing and sailed without the Kostas Trigonis, instead of Kostas Trigonis, she chooses to sail with a young talent, Petros.

It was the first ride of Petro in this boat. And there are no words to say about this crew! Overall, they scored seven bullets, a second and a fourth place. And with score, they kept everyone behind. Undoubtedly, they were the best in the tournament.

Michaela Pavlisova and Zdenek Pavlis fought really hard to get almost for 10 years and throughout the tournament, they showed the complete determination. And this year, after showing excellent performance, they displayed their skill. The pair finished seventh in the overall category.

In the event, the second overall remains the Nikolaos Mavros, Hellenic Police team and Alexandros Tagaropoulos. They lag behind the winner with just eight points; they achieve this goal and got the position on the podium after the misfortune of last years. Third place was secured by the team of father and son from Germany, Bob and Marc Baier; they really worked hard to keep speed.

The fourth position was taken by Stavros Tavoularis and Kostas Trigonis, who is the multiple times World champion.

Fifth place was secured by Brett Burvill from Australia and Max Puttman from Perth. Burvill is the boat builder of Windrush tornado.

Second position in the mixed category was secured by J├╝rgen and Sarah Jentsch the president and his wife; both lost their lead in the last race.