NTU Help Marine To Go Green

In-order to make the marine industry greener Nanyang Technological University has taken an initiative and have launched a laboratory for marine research.

The laboratory will do research on offshore and marine industry in Singapore and will develop technologies for it. Name of labs that will dedicatedly work for cleaner marine industry is Sembcorp Marine Lab.

The lab has received this name from an organization Sembcorp Marine that has given the endowment of S$10 million for the creation of the Lab. The core purpose of the lab will be designed and develop exclusive solutions in management of fuel emission green shipping and energy efficiency. Researchers at NTU are doing studies and trying to find out the ways to fit dual-fuel engines in ships, the engine of a kind that would help boats and ships to reduce emissions that are harmful to both humans and nature. At the same time the efforts of NTU will also be keeping the cost of such boats lowest possible.

The solutions will also aim to deliver competitive advantages to companies, and organization associated with the shipping industry to get better prepared for coming emission regulations getting introduced in the country.

NTU acting executive director, Professor Lua Aik Chong said, “This lab is a good initiative taken by the government as well organizations supporting it. In a coming day the need of less emission making boats will be preferred in the marine industry. Today is the time when Global warming, carbon emission and rising energy demand have increased. The lab has been initiated at important times and will be very beneficial to people associated with the marine industry. This lab will help marine industry and will prepare it for changes that will be introduced in coming days by providing cost effective and viable solutions.”

The new NTU lab will also act as a test bed, various industries and its partners and government agencies.