Nacra 17 Goes Full Foiling

The Nacra 17 class was launched in 2012, for the 2016 Olympic Games. The good thing is that it is all set to go full foiling. Now that we have concluded the Rio Olympics, the class is testing configurations. And that is good news because Nacra 17 to join the foiling generation.

As far as the early tests are concerned, all the tests were positive. The class members came together on October 19 to discuss about Nacra 17. The meeting was officially referred to as the Electronic Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM). At the debate, they brought a couple of topics including:

  • Need for an update on the class constitution. All the members agreed to the fact that we indeed need an update.
  • They also talked about advertising. They understood the significance of positive advertising, whether it was linking up with Kastela Yacht Charter in the marina or a website.
  • The major portion of the discussed on recommending full foiling for 2020 Olympics. Whether to recommend full foiling or not was the main topic.

At the conference, 50 members turned up. They introduced a presentation, which covered the proposed changes to pricing, equipment, procedure etc. The whole conference lasted for 2 hours. All kinds of topics came up for discussion. They talked about making the boats stronger. They also talked about making the boat more consistent. If we take a closer look, we can see that these two have been pressing issues for a long time. Moreover, they introduced pricing options for a MK 2 Nacra 17.

As far as the pricing is concerned, they have come up with 3 major scenarios. Let’s have a look below.

  • As far as the full foiling of Retrofit an mk1 boat is concerned, they suggested a price of 7,900 Euros.
  • They also talked about acquiring a new platform worth 14,500 Euros. And this will allow them to sell the mk1 platform for a cost of 7500 Euros.