Debut Launch Of TF10 Foiling Trimaran In 2018 Newport International Boat Show

It is not very difficult to comprehend how our sport changes with some fresh ideas that attempt to improve sailing so often those results in increased cost and complexity. And after spending all the money on the same gear, are we better without the same or have we just lost the people who do not prefer to climb?

One had to have seen the early days of windsurfing in order to see the outcome of such a process. What seemed to be the beginning of a new idea that gave itself well to water bodies was soon transformed into an intense sport suited in high winds and waves.

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Frederik And Princess To Sail On Sydney To Hobart Racer

The European royalty will join the world rock stars and the Olympic sailing in the race of Sydney Harbor on Tuesday as the Denmark strong sailor Crown Prince Frederik and his wife Princess Mary has jumped into it.

The couple who are the parents to four children, on Tuesday have landed into Sydney on at the start of a family holiday and it will see them spending Christmas in Tasmania.

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Dongfeng Motors Sponsors Volvo Ocean Vessel

Dongfeng Motor Corp is trying to get their brand into a global spotlight by being part of the current Volvo Ocean Race that was recently started. This renowned world sailing tournament was started last weekend with seven skippers and crew along with a new entrant like Dongfeng trying to gain a foothold in the sailing world and on the global scenario.

The yachts departed from the Alicante port area of Spain on October 22nd. Dongfeng was one of the sponsoring teams that have also joined this global sailing initiative. Being a 12 person crew that comprises of multinational members, there are sailors from countries like UK, Australia, New Zealand, France, China and others who are taking part in this year’s edition of this renowned race. The event is also being co-sponsored by several other brands. Dongfeng is participating in a global sailing competition for the second time; the first time it participated the team it sponsored gained third place in the year 2014-15. This year the brand has aimed higher and that might be because it is trying to create a global image for its brand.

The company aims to sponsor and promote brands that are self owned in the category of commercial vehicles mainly. It is one of the largest automakers in China and partners with several foreign partners such as Honda and Nissan. It is associated with the Renault group of France as well as the Infiniti brand of Nissan which is a luxury segment of the vehicle. It also has tie ups with several other domestic companies in China. The company however needs to make clear what it is trying to promote as the different subsidiaries of the company all bear the same logo and are trying to do different things which is also the case in the Volvo Ocean Race.

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Roundup Of The Tornado Worlds

The pair of sailors from Greek, Petros Konstantinidis and Dany Paschalidis in the 2017 Tornado World Championships, claimed home land victory.

The event took place in Thessaloniki in Greece.

17 years old Zdenek Pavlis and Michaela Pavlisova from Czech Republic, are the mixed champion of 2017 Tornado Worlds.

For Dany Paschalidis, this victory turned out as the seventh one in a row. Paschalidis accepted the challenge of sailing and sailed without the Kostas Trigonis, instead of Kostas Trigonis, she chooses to sail with a young talent, Petros.

It was the first ride of Petro in this boat. And there are no words to say about this crew! Overall, they scored seven bullets, a second and a fourth place. And with score, they kept everyone behind. Undoubtedly, they were the best in the tournament.

Michaela Pavlisova and Zdenek Pavlis fought really hard to get almost for 10 years and throughout the tournament, they showed the complete determination. And this year, after showing excellent performance, they displayed their skill. The pair finished seventh in the overall category. (more…)

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The Antigua Sailing Week

The first day of Antigua Sailing Week included skippers like Sir Richard Matthews for whom this was the 37th event he was participating in along with Jules Mitchell of 18 years of age who has never been skipper of a boat in a regatta before.

Such was the varied participation in the 50th edition of Antigua Sailing Week that took to a lively start on day one in the Caribbean waters. The English Harbor Rum Race Day 1 started the sailing week with most of the CSA Racing Divisions originating at Shirley Heights. The race course had a lot of spectators lined up and the competitive levels were high as well. There were about 33 countries participating in this event with sailors and boats from all over. The weather conditions were great that made the event even more attractive and enjoyable for the participants as well as the viewers. (more…)

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NTU Help Marine To Go Green

In-order to make the marine industry greener Nanyang Technological University has taken an initiative and have launched a laboratory for marine research.

The laboratory will do research on offshore and marine industry in Singapore and will develop technologies for it. Name of labs that will dedicatedly work for cleaner marine industry is Sembcorp Marine Lab.

The lab has received this name from an organization Sembcorp Marine that has given the endowment of S$10 million for the creation of the Lab. The core purpose of the lab will be designed and develop exclusive solutions in management of fuel emission green shipping and energy efficiency. Researchers at NTU are doing studies and trying to find out the ways to fit dual-fuel engines in ships, the engine of a kind that would help boats and ships to reduce emissions that are harmful to both humans and nature. At the same time the efforts of NTU will also be keeping the cost of such boats lowest possible. (more…)

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St. Maarten Heineken Regatta: Competition and Fun at the same time

With the entry list coming to the two-hundred mark, organizers have stated that the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta would have a grand range of players. The scratch sheet said a few things about Caribbean sailing and contest is ensured to be one for the books.
At this point of time, there are hundred-seventy-one entries in total that include the biggest Mulithull fleet in the area. Classes include Former Volvo/Whitbread, Maxi, CSA Monohull, Bareboat, Multihull, Beach Cat as well as Lottery. The thirty-sixth edition will take place from 4th to 6th March.
For yachting cognoscenti who relish the sleek lines of the Swans as well as the Bruce Farr designs, they would certainly not be frustrated. With ten entries till now in Maxi class, competitors and spectators alike would have a lot admire out on the water. Supposition is that the contest would most likely be to the fullest in the cruiser part of the class with Swan 100 Varsovie, Shipman 80 Paula R, Swan 82 Ptarmigan, Bordeaux 60 Zampano and a Pendennis 77 Ocean Phoenix in the squad.


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